What a surprise!!! Roads very busy!

It’s not a particularly good Friday on the roads – the A30 is at a standstill around the Bodmin roadworks and there’s a fallen tree near Chiverton Cross.

Sheer volume of traffic appears to be to blame on the A30 westbound between the junctions with the A395 and the A389 Bodmin North.

Highways England say there are currently delays of around 20 minutes against expected traffic – although their predictions are usually to be taken with a pinch of salt.

Here’s the traffic map at 10.50, showing some severe congestion around Zelah

Read more at http://www.cornwalllive.com/a30-at-a-standstill-due-to-bodmin-roadworks-congestion-and-fallen-tree-at-chiverton-cross/story-30271036-detail/story.html#RiY012z12t5qUJAy.99

Thats a surprise – traffic held up due to sheer volume of traffic!

Time for a rethink on car travel!

[Oh and dualling the A30 will not sort the problem -it will just go somewhere else. Think of hold-ups on the A30 as a means of slowing the flow and allowing other roads to deal with the traffic over a longer period of time!]


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