Willow Green – another developer!

What is going on?

Not only is INOX allegedly asking for more handouts from Cornwall Council for Langarth. It appears that the Council is being recommended to buy the Willow Green site next door from LXB of Jersey (who’ve done a runner, while pocketing the profits), Planners are urging the Council to ‘accelerate housing delivery in Truro to meet strategic needs’, The Cabinet has reportedly already agreed, pressed by the CE, who is all in favour of housing ‘growth’. More dodgy deals being slipped through in the dying days of the Council?


If the Council acts as a developer will there not be a conflict of interest between:

a) the need to make a profit;
b) the need to provide affordable housing
c) assessing actual needs against the benefits of house-building?

And how much profit have the developers got without doing anything?


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