Chiverton to Carland Cross – creating more traffic!

Last week we looked at the poor quality of air in Cornwall and what was proposed and what needed to be done.

One element would be to cut out many road ‘improvements’

But current policy is for more road space – read on!

Why we need this scheme
This section of the A30 is the main link between West Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly and the motorway network. The route is particularly popular in the holiday periods when traffic flows are typically 25% higher than average. This has a marked effect on journey time reliability. The A30 between Chiverton Cross roundabout and Carland Cross roundabout will be brought up to current standards.

The scheme will:

improve safety on the route
contribute to economic growth by supporting employment and residential development opportunities
improve the road user experience and improve connectivity for the communities either side of the route

Another scheme another false promise.
As with most road schemes this offers a simplistic solution to the problem of congestion. You have a busy road so you expand the capacity – job done. But it’s not – expanding the capacity invariably leads to more traffic. After a short period traffic levels will rise to meet the extra space.

The reference to higher flows due to holiday traffic makes the assumption that we have to accommodate car based tourism – why? The overall aim of transport policy should be to reduce car use not accommodate and encourage it! We need to push tourism away from its addiction to the car.

And when all this traffic reaches Chiverton Cross what then? More traffic here will lead to problems of accessing the roundabout!

One reason for the road widening is of course the desire to encourage population growth, namely the reference to supporting employment and residential development opportunities. Again we build more houses to accommodate in-migration, then build in more employment areas to meet the needs of the new jobseekers. Its total madness!

And later in the week some evidence on why increasing road space results in MORE traffic!


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