Cornwall Clean Air (5) what we need to do!

We can divide the actions that are required to provide clean air (and other environmental goods) into two neat categories, those at a general strategic policy level and those at an individual level.

1) Policy level

Reduce the housing target in the Local plan to a sustainable level, one that meets local need not encourages people to move to Cornwall;

Encourage people to shop locally and use local facilities;

Reject development proposals which generate extra car traffic;

Invest in alternative transport – bus and rail;

Encourage non-car transport modes;

Discourage the widening of opening hours which encourages travel and reduces the scope for alternative transport modes;

Charge motorists for car parking in all car parks, particularly retail outlets.

2) Individual level/lifestyle choices

Despite the refrain that ‘in Cornwall you need a car’, in reality it’s not that you need a car but how often you use it and for what purpose.

People can reduce car use by: walking or cycling; catch a bus or use the train. Sometimes not travelling is an option;

Try to link various trips together such as shopping on the way back from work rather than making a separate trip;

Accept that living in Cornwall, particularly in more rural areas does mean that you cannot have the same lifestyle as if you were living in a large city;

Think about where you live or want to live – if you want to go out every night to enjoy the night life and fooderies – live in a town, don’t expect to travel in from your rural retreat;

And, above all think of others and the environment – your private car trip imposes costs on others!


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