Cornwall Clean Air (3)

Clean Air for Cornwall Strategy, Incorporating the Cornwall Air Quality Action Plan, February 2017

Our Commitments
AQ10. We will identify improvements for the bus networks,
giving priority to emissions:
a. We will endeavour to source buses with low or zero emissions in suitable locations;
b. We will incentivise commercial operators to purchase buses with lower emissions on replacement;
c. We will apply to the Green Bus Fund to help fund retrofitting of older buses.

AQ11. We will introduce and promote car clubs in suitable locations, setting minimum emission standards for clubs in AQMAs;

AQ12. We will deliver transport interventions which:
a. Reduce reliance on the private car; [How?]
b. Make public transport more accessible, reliable and an attractive alternative; {how?]
c. Make infrastructure improvements and promote cycling as an alternative means of transport; [Infrastructure improvements – to encourage car use? Cycling – not really a tenable alternative]
d. Require travel plans to be submitted for relevant new development; [And how will that actually reduce car use?]
e. Support school travel planning. [Again will it reduce car use, especially as the trend is towards more ‘choice’ in schools]

AQ13. Explore the introduction of 20mph zones where this might contribute to improving air quality;
AQ14. Work with the licensing team to set minimum emission requirements for taxis. This could include offering incentives for low or zero emission vehicles;
AQ15. We will lobby Highways England to provide assistance with improving air quality at Tideford;
AQ16. We will continue to expand the ECO Stars Fleet Recognition Scheme through Cornwall and introduce the taxi scheme in relevant locations;

Although the motives are fine, these will not deal with increasing traffic levels or the dominance of car use. More radical alternatives are needed.


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