More people or better jobs?

As we have shown over this week, the ‘extra’ jobs that we so frequently hear about are not extra in the true sense of the word but are needed to keep up with population increase. Documents and headlines in the media should read something like “Employment creation in area x at 200 keeps pace with new jobseeker numbers.”

But what would an alternative policy look like?

It would firstly do away with the current unsustainable housing target to replace it with one which is designed to meet local needs not induced ‘demand’.

Job creation would focus on the provision of better skilled and better paid jobs allowing people to move from under-employment and poorly paid jobs to better jobs. This would mean a contraction in some sectors such as retail and the leisure industry.

Training would ensure that people have the appropriate skills and training to move into new jobs.

Employers would be encouraged to recruit locally rather than attract people to Cornwall.

Sustainability would be the key theme of new jobs.


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