New jobs but who benefits?

In previous blogs we have pointed out that job ‘growth’ is not growth in the sense of better or more jobs for the existing labour force but jobs to keep up with the extra jobseekers in the extra houses which are built to accommodate population growth through in-migration.

Some of the new jobs are as the following extracts about employment in Pool, indicate, high paid, but who gains from them?

The Tech Cluster at Pool Innovation Centre is home to some of the most innovative and fastest-growing digital companies in the UK and the industry is beginning to transform one of Cornwall’s most deprived areas.

With advertised average salaries of £34,367 – almost twice the average salary in Cornwall of £17,340 – this is an industry offering good careers for talented young people keen to stay in the Duchy.

Mr Massey said Bluefruit was expected to grow from seven to 30 staff this year, with the attractiveness of Cornwall playing a huge role in the sector’s growth. He said: “We are a creative industry and there is a global shortage of skilled employees. It’s an employees’ market so wages are high but not only that, Cornwall offers a great lifestyle which makes living and working down here attractive.”


The clue lies in the comment – Cornwall offers a great lifestyle which makes living and working down here attractive. Local graduates presumably know what Cornwall is like so the implication is that the new employment opportunities will encourage more people to move to Cornwall for lifestyle choices. Local residents looking for an upgrade in work prospects may be somewhat disappointed.

Now of course some movement within the labour market is inevitable. Some people will move away from Cornwall and some people will move in. There will be as in the past benefits from this flow and interaction.

The question is though, how many of these well paid jobs go to local residents and how many end up as jobs for those making a move to Cornwall for lifestyle choices?


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