More jobs to meet the job needs of more people – what is the point?

The plan for Camborne=-Pool-Redruth etc is more jobs and more housing!!!

The east – west link will provide access to new development areas and relieve the existing East Hill junction allowing capacity for a number of other developments to go ahead. This will lead to the creation of up to 5,500 new jobs and associated new homes over the next 20 years – …

[Camborne, Pool, Redruth East – West link road, key messages. An overview of the project proposals. May 2013].

To encourage private sector investment and facilitate the creation of 5500 jobs and 6200 new homes in the CPR area

[Camborne-Pool-Redruth Transport Package]

The project is part of a larger regeneration initiative within the Camborne, Pool and Redruth area, to secure the creation of 6,000 new jobs and the development of 6,000 homes.

[See more at:

In essence, the number of new jobs to be created magically meets the requirements of the extra jobseekers in the new houses! [As the population of the area will only increase if more people move to the area, each new house creates a need for a new job.

At the end of this growth, the number of houses and jobs (may) rise but what is the point? The relationship between jobs and houses/jobseekers will be the same as it was before.

If the aim is to increase earnings in the area, then the approach should be to transfer people from lower skill, lower paid jobs into higher skill, higher paid jobs. Just bumping up the population is nonsense economics!


2 comments on “More jobs to meet the job needs of more people – what is the point?

  1. trerice5 says:

    Unbelievable decisions being made!!! Councillors are not challenging any of this even though there is a great deal of evidence that toxic emissions from vehicles is shortening the lives of many people, damaging the health of children and the damaging the environment. They can’t challenge any of this because they have go along with what central government wants or that’s their excuse.

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