CPR Achievments or fundamental problems?

According to a report in 2009, Camborne-Pool-Redruth had seen improvements under the auspices of the now defunct Urban Regeneration Company.

The discussion shows that there have been some improvements in CPR’s economy in this period, notably in terms of overall population and employment growth,

3.1 This chapter presents socio-economic changes in the CPR area since the URC’s inception in 2002. Positive trends are evident, for example population and employment are up,

3.3 The CPR area has performed well in terms of population growth over recent years. 2002-7 its population has risen from 35,600 to 37,700, a 6.0% increase, which is greater than the rises seen at comparator spatial scales.

CPR REGENERATION:INTERIM REVIEW, FINAL REPORT, European Institute for Urban Affairs, Sept 2009.

Now if this was Scotland we might describe this as written by a bunch of numpties. There is as is common across Cornwall (and the UK in general), an obsession with population growth as the extracts indicate. The report seems to think that an increase in population is a ‘good thing.

What we know is that:

Cornwall has seen its population increase dramatically since the early sixties with no commensurate improvement in the economy;

Employment growth linked with population growth is not real growth! Population goes up 10%, employment goes up by 10% – duh – you are no better off!

Sustainability, climate change – every heard of these concepts? The CPR URC had evidently not!


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