Fewer jobs not more!

The Redruth Gateway/Tolgus extension scheme, the site of bulldozers and the source of innumerable traffic delays is advertised as an employment site yet the reality is that it is largely a housing site.

The main aim of the Redruth Gateway scheme is to facilitate mixed-use development of the Tolgus Fields site. The Redruth Gateway scheme will enable 32.07 hectares of the Tolgus urban extension site to come forward. Outline planning consent has already been granted (A12/09707) for 370 houses, 2,000sqm B1 (b) and B1 (a) office space and green infrastructure, 400sqm community facilities and 2.9 hectares of open space and green infrastructure. The full master plan allows for a total of approximately 650 houses and 384 jobs.


Take careful note of the figures they quote – 384 jobs with 650 houses. As a rule of thumb planners assume each household requires one job. Do the sums. 384 new jobs for 650 new households means there will be a deficit of 266 jobs with this proposal! Or are the planners assuming 266 of the houses will be filled by people living elsewhere in Redruth? But then who moves into their housing in turn?

Even if there were 650 jobs these would not be additional jobs. The only time you get additional jobs is when you create say 100 job opportunities without adding to the number of jobseekers.


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