The HCR – 16% of homes let to those in Band E

Cornwall Council, Housing and Environment Policy Advisory Committee, 19 January 2017, Strategic Housing Review

Local Connection – current local connection criteria within the Allocations Policy and S106 agreements are leading to the following
unintended consequences:
o Households in the greatest housing need are not securing homes because many of the homes are being allocated to those with a
much lower housing need: Approx. 41% of homes were advertised as requiring a local connection in the last year with 16% of homes being let to applicants from Band E due to local connection criteria being applied. This is not in keeping with the Council’s statutory duty to house those most in need.


One comment on “The HCR – 16% of homes let to those in Band E

  1. Davydh T says:

    I suppose the problem is the developer has to build some “affordable” housing but local connection means someone has to already live in the parish or has done in 5 or last 10 years or something like that. The parish in question currently has no available affordable housing, so anyone in acute need wouldn’t be living there anyway. Maybe it could be helped by amalgamating some of the smaller parishes into larger units that could be a more suitable vehicle for devolution from Cornwall Council. What would we call these? District councils?

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