(Not) a solution to Truro’s traffic problems!

The Truro flyover?
Brin Jenkin warned the then-Cornwall County Council 30 years ago that Truro’s traffic congestion was only going to get worse. He proposed a new 400-metre flyover between Truro’s Trafalgar and Newham roundabouts. How right he was – the city is now regularly backed up with queuing traffic, despite the best efforts of planners. Back in 2015, Mr Jenkin revived his original plan saying: “We’re stuck with the same problems now as we had back then, except they’re exacerbated. “Nothing’s really happened, although they spent money adding roundabouts and putting traffic lights in. We need to grasp the nettle and do something properly about it and there is an answer – the traffic needs to be lifted up over the two roundabouts.”

Read more at http://www.cornwalllive.com/these-multi-million-pound-pie-in-the-sky-projects-for-cornwall-will-never-happen-or-will-they/story-30123997-detail/story.html#roF0qtZLgiGrtYwV.99

Yes we do need to grasp the nettle, not by building a flyover – but by dealing with the root causes of the problem – over-development, concentrating activities in Truro, and an obsession with car use!


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