Too much air pollution? Cut traffic!

Residents in pollution hotspots could be relocated under new clean air proposals. Cornwall Council has discussed plans which could include compulsory purchases of properties in areas with “particularly poor air quality”. It admitted the scheme was likely to be “very controversial”, but said it was cheaper than alternative measures. The council said relocation was just one of several options being considered.

In Camborne-Redruth One measure which is hoped will have a significant impact on improving air quality, and is currently under construction, is the East-West Link Road.

It is not surprising that air pollution is a problem, traffic numbers increase and more houses are being built near roads. But what should we do?

Building additional roads such as the east-wesst link road is not the solution. This does two things – it transfers traffic to other areas and encourages extra traffic.

Our preferred option is to reduce traffic levels- by doing so we can ensure people live healthier lives!


One comment on “Too much air pollution? Cut traffic!

  1. Davydh T says:

    Presumably there are thousands of homes in towns near main roads across Cornwall that have unhealthy levels of exposure to pollution. This program of forced relocations could cost in the billions.
    And it would only move the problem, and potentially increase it, if people are forcibly deported from their homes in towns to distant car-dependent suburbs.

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