Bucketts Hill – the urban spread continues!

Even more houses for Redruth? Robertson Developments is looking at building on a massive area of land off Bucketts Hill. In 2015 developers approached the planners, who told them that, as the site is part of the WHS, has traditional hedging and public rights of way, ‘the impact on heritage is a critical issue’. But they then went on to suggest a Planning Performance Agreement with the Council’s planners to help stitch things up well in advance. A ‘development’ of 100 houses appears here in the site allocations document, but there’s room for a lot more. Thin end of the wedge? [PA15/02741/PREAPP and PA16/03393/PREAPP]

Another proposal, another step in the destruction of the environment.

There are some odd aspects to this proposal – 100 dwellings on 6.7 hectares gives a density of 15 per hectare. Most other sites in the SHLAA (Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment) have densities at least twice this. So we could be talking about 200 plus houses!

And why in the SHLAA in the column ‘Planning status – open countryside’ does it say ‘No – proceed’. This is land which we suspect most people would consider to be in the countryside, it is hardly urban!


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