A Charter for Cornwall

A Charter for Cornwall has been launched today

For years Cornwall has had one of the fastest rates of housing and population growth in the UK. Huge swathes of countryside are now under threat. The qualities that make Cornwall special are being lost. Our heritage is ignored. Our coastal villages are hollowed out by second homes. Cornwall has become a developers’ paradise.

Meanwhile, our young people struggle to find an affordable home. Our hospitals, schools and roads are full to bursting point. Yet Cornwall Council apparently ignores these growing pressures. In fact, its ‘Local Plan’ proposes even higher rates of housing and population growth.

Enough is enough. There has to be a better way. A more sustainable way. A fairer way. A way to put local people before developers’ greed. But to change the actions of the Council we have to change the councillors. This Charter for Cornwall is a first step in bringing about that change. We will be calling on candidates seeking election to Cornwall Council in May 2017 to sign up to the four pledges of a Charter for Cornwall. We will then see who best to vote for to obtain a Council more committed to Cornwall, its countryside and its culture.

You can help:

Tell your friends about this campaign. Spread the news.

Suggest any amendments to the principles or pledges. The final wording won’t be decided until the campaign is launched on February 7th.

Support our vision. Get in touch with us by leaving your email address on our contact form.

The more people and organisations that show their support for the Charter for Cornwall, the more we can put pressure on the next Council to do more to listen to local communities and forge a different strategy.

For More: ​

To participate:


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