No there is not lots of (unused) space out there!

Alistair Hargreaves from mortgage broker John Charcol says that building more homes isn’t a solution to Britain’s housing market – which he describes as ‘simply not fit for purpose’. ‘There’s a perception that Britain is full. It’s not full, there’s loads of space. Britain’s just badly designed. There are homes and communities with plenty of land that could be developed but without the necessary infrastructure, there aren’t enough, or good enough, jobs and schools nearby to make people want to relocate.’

Lots of space? Really? And what is this space currently used for? Agriculture, environment, green areas – all rather important and should not be used for development. Its worrying when people think that there is ’empty space out there. Is it because they live in towns and dont realise what the land is used for? Britain is one of the most built up countries in Europe with pressures on water, food resources and environmental resources!


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