Hong Kong Square?

From ‘It’s Our Cornwall’

Hong Kong Cornwall Square, Redruth (will that really be the address??) is an intriguing design. But there doesn’t appear to be any affordable housing, let alone social housing. So who’s it being built for? And why will it be a gated community? Gentrification? Colonisation? Or both? And how does it fit, financially and in terms of cultural aesthetics, with the new Kresen Kernow, repository of the Cornish heritage, which will sit right next to it? Confusing isn’t the half of it. [PA16/07444]

Bringing Hong Kong to Cornwall. Having been flogging our heritage to upcountry developers for years, it’s a short step for Cornwall’s planners to work with a Chinese company, Hong Kong Cornwall Square Ltd of Exeter. The company, whose directors live in Hong Kong, own the old Redruth brewery site, where they plan to build 165 apartments and houses and a ‘pod hotel’. More on this bizarre project over the next few days.[PA16/07444]

It might be thought that a brownfield site close to the middle of Redruth might be an ideal location for affordable housing. That is with 100% affordable housing. But obviously not!


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