Falmouth support for development – rugby over reason!

From It’s Our CornwallWestcountry Land, together with Galliford Try and Falmouth RFC, are applying to build 226 houses at Menehay Fields west of Falmouth. Most of the 40 public comments are in favour of the scheme. As is a petition of 79 people organised by the rugby club. Unfortunately for them however, it’s not in the Council’s sites allocations document. So now we have our ‘Local’ Corporate Plan and have ‘taken back control’, no doubt the Council will be rejecting it. [PA16/08236]

One supporter stated: This would be an excellent development that would not only result in more affordable housing for the Falmouth area, but would also result in the provision of top class sporting facilities for the area and at no cost to the public purse.
I am not aware of any other development proposals which would bring such benefits to the community as a whole and at no cost.

Why oh why do supporters of sport feel no remorse about the impact of unsustainable development? As we have said on previous blogs – whether land shold be developed should be based on planning issues not whether it will result in new facilities for a sports club. The supporter who stated that there woould be no cost is ignoring the environmental cost! As for more affordable homes – only one third are ‘affordable’ two thirds are not!

This looks like a major disaster on all fronts. First the club borrowed money to purchase land so it could move it seems. It then decided to stay on its existing site but needed to pay off its creditors. To do this it wants to develop the land which it seems is already owned by Westcountry Land?

It looks as if Falmouth RFU club has made a major mistake and wants to develop land for housing to get out of the financial hole it finds itself in. Whether land is suitable for housing should not be determined by the financial problems of a private organisation. The land in question is an important green area on the edge of Falmouth and should be returned to agricultural use.


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