Net migration 335,000 – creating demand for housing!

Net migration has stayed near record levels, standing at 335,000 in the year to June, the Office for National Statistics has said. There was also a record number of EU citizens coming to live in Britain with the figure standing at 284,000. Net migration – immigration minus emigration – was the second-highest number on record. The ONS says the net migration figure is similar to the previous year, although it was up slightly on the 12 months ending in March, when it stood at 326,000.

Odd that supporters of unsustainable population growth never mention its impact on housing demand! Indeed, they do not question it as an issue but prefer to talk about supply and the (non-existent) planning restrictions. London has high levels of net in-migration and housing issues!

Perhaps employers who want to employee people from other countries should have to bear the housing cost which is presently borne by the rest of the community?


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