What the Chancellor should NOT do!

A combination of leaks, analysis and hints from Government suggest that the Autumn statement will include extra money for roads and other large infrastructure projects, more on house-building together with a continued freeze on fuel duty. These might appear to be suitable policies implying a let up on austerity by increasing spending and invoking the old mantra of helping ‘hard pressed families’.

In fact they would be the wrong policies to support. Building more roads or ‘improving’ more roads is totally inappropriate leading to increased travel and traffic with the consequent increase in emissions leading to more climate breakdown.

As for continuing the freeze on fuel duty the main beneficiaries of this are the more affluent households who travel more and consume more fuel.

If the Chancellor wants to do something constructive then improvements to public transport and support for renewables would be a better option. The fuel tax freeze should be discontinued with support going to all households including those who use public transport.

It would also help if the Government (and opposition) acknowledged that a population led economic growth policy is the wrong option, why are we importing labour from other countries?

On the housing front the Government needs to change the planning system so that new and existing houses are actually used for housing people rather than being used as investments and second homes/holiday lets.


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