Launceston – the oddity of unsustainable sustainability!


12.10 The main area for future growth is identified to the south of the A30, connecting to and reinforcing the existing communities and commercial development within these areas. Growth within this location, within and beyond the Plan period, will offer the opportunity to create the critical mass, and connections, to enable these expanded communities to become more sustainable neighbourhoods of Launceston. Furthermore, development in this location can link to many of the town’s key facilities, such as the town’s hospital, health centre and retail, which are already located in this

12.11 As well as providing residential growth, this southern location is also considered best placed to accommodate future economic growth. It provides good access to the A30, making it a commercially attractive location and a key requirement when aiming to enhance Launceston as a potential location for industry, including the distribution sector.

Ah yes more growth to aid sustainability! How does that work then? Well it doesn’t but there we are!

And the old tried tested (and failed) approach – you build more houses and provide more space to employ the new residents and you are no better off than before! How much longer will people accept that this is not extra growth per person but just making a bigger cake to be shared out amongst more people?

After all, if your population grows by 20% and the economy grows by 20% you are no better off!


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