Bodmin – a bonkers (non) strategy

Bodmin its role in the ‘local plan’

11.13 Sitting at the heart of the strategy is maintaining, enhancing and creating sustainable communities. Residential growth will form a key component of this strategy, whether in the form of helping to create new sustainable neighbourhoods or supporting existing neighbourhoods. In doing this, new development will be expected to offer necessary infrastructure, such as public open space, transport infrastructure and other facilities that will be of benefit for the new and existing community.

11.14 Focus should be placed on maximizing the potential of delivering new residential development on appropriate sites within the existing urban area, to make best use of the existing facilities. This will help to support existing communities and enhance the sustainability of the town centre. However, it is recognised that to deliver the required level of housing growth, development on Greenfield land on the edge of the town will
also be required. Three urban extensions have been identified, which offer the best opportunity to create sustainable neighbourhoods, whilst also protecting Bodmin’s most important environmental assets.

11.32 The Cornwall LP:SP document has targeted the delivery of 3,100 dwellings in Bodmin between 2010 and 2030.

Sustainable appears rather frequently in the first two paragraphs yet the idea that adding 3,100 extra dwellings can in any way be sustainable is totally implausible, indeed it is a totally incorrect to use the term sustainable in this context.

And yes as usual the ‘extra’ jobs and facilities will be to support the extra population rather than being more for the existing community!


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