St. Austell – illusions and delusions!

9.6 St Austell’s vision:
In 2030 St Austell aims to be an inspiring town that reflects its historic past but has adapted and embraced the future. It will have a diverse thriving economy based upon a wide range of industries and lives up to its label of ‘Green Heart of Cornwall’.

9.10 St Austell and its hinterland aspires to be the ‘Green Heart of Cornwall’, which will be delivered in many ways. This includes the continued support to the Eden Project; the promotion of the Eco-communities project on the town’s hinterland; development of renewable technology and sustainable construction projects; and the protection and enhancement of the area’s natural environment.

Housing Growth
9.39 St Austell has witnessed significant housing growth in the recent past, in doing so St Austell now represents Cornwall’s largest town. Despite this there still remains a significant need for housing, particularly affordable housing, within the area.

9.40 The Cornwall LP:SP has set a growth target of 2,900 dwellings for St Austell (incorporating Charlestown, Duporth and Carlyon Bay), to be delivered between 2010 and 2030. Furthermore, within St Austell’s hinterland the Cornwall LP:SP document targets the delivery of two ‘Eco-community’ sites, which together will deliver a further 1,200 dwellings within the Plan period.

What does embracing the future mean? More houses? Probably. Green heart of Cornwall – always difficult to see how the Eden project is green – after all it is a major generator of traffic which is not green! As for eco-communities – just another means of allowing more unsustainable housing development.

St. Austell has “witnessed significant housing growth in the recent past … there still remains a significant need for housing, particualry affordable housing…” We have lots more housing but a need for affordable housing. Not unexpected really as most housing is not aimed at providing affordable housing but simply encourages population growth through people moving to Cornwall. Time for a rethink on housing policy!


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