Sajid Javid follows the New Labour ‘South West’ England agenda!

Some in Cornwall see their county as distinct from the rest of the region, a special case that should be handled separately from everywhere east of the Tamar.

Some in Poole and Bournemouth associate themselves more closely with Southampton, Portsmouth and the M3 corridor than with rural Dorset.

And then there the traditional, often historic, rivalries and tensions that you find in any region.

One county looking down on another.

A smaller one mistrusting a larger neighbour.

Urban areas versus rural ones.

And so on.

If we’re going to make a success of the South West, that whole attitude has to change.

Sajid Javid MP, Delivered on:21 October 2016. Location: South West Growth Summit, University of Exeter, Devon. First published: 24 October 2016

Well Sajid, Cornwall is a distinct historic region with its own culture and identity. It needs more control over policies to achieve the goal of a sustainable European region. With its own Assembly and policy making powers Cornwall can and would work with other regions to meet agreed goals, but from a position of equality not one of conformity to the agenda of an artificial south west England region.


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