Should we travel to a firework display?

In times past when families had their own fireworks and bonfire the idea of travelling to see a display was not an issue. But gradually various organisations began to run organised firework events. Ostensibly these could be thought of as community events – something for those living in the locality to attend and enjoy – although as with many ‘community’ activities it is only those who enjoy firework displays that are catered for.

Local events however did not necessarily remain local. Events competed in terms of their display which led to people travelling, often for some distance to attend a particular event. With events spaced over several days people had a choice of attending different venues.

This habit of travelling to events outside their own neighbourhood which is not limited to firework displays poses a problem. How can we reduce car travel as part of a policy of meeting our climate change commitments if visiting a venue away from your own locality is considered normal. After all unlike getting to work or the weekly shop it is not an essential travel activity?

Wil residents who are exhorted to walk or cycle feel enthused to do so if others decide to make such unessential trips by car? Probably not.


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