Newquay – development to support housing growth not the economy!

8.8 A key driver for Newquay moving forward is the strengthening and diversification of the town’s economy. Tourism represents a key sector that should be maintained and enhanced, but in parallel seeking to reduce the town’s reliance on it, through the growth of other, higher paying employment opportunities.

8.9 Whilst there is a focus on providing employment opportunities within Newquay, the emerging Newquay Aerohub, which is situated approximately 2 miles
from the edge of the town, will also act as a significant draw. The Aerohub, which has Enterprise Zone status represents a strategic priority for Cornwall, with the opportunities it presents to attract new aerospace related investment and jobs to the county.

8.11 Housing growth represents another component of delivering sustainable economic growth and regeneration of the town. Whilst there are some opportunities for the development of sites within the existing urban area, the strategic growth opportunities fall to the outskirts of the town. Principally, Newquay’s growth will be delivered through a significant urban extension to the south-east of the town, often referred to as the Newquay growth area. The growth area is made up of allocations and permitted development, delivering a well-integrated addition to the town containing housing, employment space and infrastructure that will alleviate some of the congestion issues, as well as provide a key route towards the Aerohub.

Ok you provide more jobs to support more housing, Newquay gets bigger, more people live there and for what? Economic development should be aimed at improving the job situation for the existing workforce not importing more people and workers from outside Cornwall!


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