Hayle – contradictory policies!

4.15 Hayle’s economic aspirations are to broaden and strengthen its economic base to create higher skilled and better paid job opportunities for its local residents, in doing so acting as a hub for Cornwall relating to the marine renewables sector.

[Employment] 4.21 Two sites have also been allocated on the edge of the town, St Erth (H-E2) and Griggs Hill (H-E4). Both sites provide good access to the strategic road network and H-E2 is adjacent to the St Erth railway station and the park and ride facility. The location of both sites at the St Erth A30 junction means they offer the opportunity to be a strategic employment location for the surrounding areas.

4.30 The Cornwall LP:SP has set a growth target of 1,600 dwellings for Hayle, to be delivered between 2010 and 2030.

No problem with 4.15 but an extra 1,600 dwellings means 1,600 extra jobseekers. Will the better jobs go to existing residents or the new residents? And more jobs as the population increases is not extra jobs!

Sites with good access to the strategic road network – ideal for shifting goods but also ideal for commuters. Again how many new jobs will go to existing residents of Hayle?

Why an extra 1,600 dwellings? The resident population is not increasing!


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