Heamoor – tree planting but only for selected developments!

More from the Local Plan Allocations document.

Policy: PZ-H8, Heamoor, Site area: 15.5 hectares, Allocation: Approx. 435 dwellings

f) The site is within the vicinity of various heritage assets, which need to form a key consideration in the sensitive development of the site. In particular the site is located relatively close to Trengwainton, which comprises the Grade II listed Trengwainton Housing and the Grade II* listed Park and Garden. Parts of the site are visible from the garden, so great attention needs to be given to minimizing intrusion into the pastoral setting of this historic asset. As a result, open space should be provided within area C on the plan above. This open space should be set out as parkland, in doing so minimising any built structure or lighting, so that intrusions into the landscape are minimised.

g) Tree planting also represents a key component in minimising any impact on the setting of Trengwainton. Firstly, planting is required on the eastern edge of the open space (area C) to help screen development in area B. Tree planting is also required on the northern edge of the open space, to help screen the access road; plus an appropriate lighting scheme is required to minimise the road’s visual impact on the setting of Trengwainton. Furthermore, tree planting is required on the northern edge of the site (area E on the map above), to screen the development from the road, in doing so maintaining a green setting as the approach to Trengwainton.

Now there is nothing wrong with ensuring that ‘intrusions into the landscape are minimised.’ Planting trees to screen developments are fine. However, if you live in a property which is not a listed building or park, there is no provision for ‘minimising intrusions’ into your landscape! We have a situation where ‘nice’ areas get different treatment to the not so nice areas – rather unfair!


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