Heamoor housing development – why?

Policy: PZ-H8, Heamoor, Site area: 15.5 hectares, Allocation: Approx. 435 dwellings
a) A residential development, delivering approximately 435 dwellings,
incorporating public open space and ancillary community facilities. At least 25% of the dwellings should be provided as ‘accessible homes’; plus some of the dwellings should be specialised housing (including extra care housing).

d) The development should create a community ‘hub’ which represents a focus for the new and existing residents. The hub should contain community facilities appropriate for a residential area (e.g. community hall, small shop, etc). The hub should be located in a position that the existing Heamoor community would also be able to easily access.

Why so many houses for Penzance? Local need – not really – most will be open market – anyone from Penrith to Peckham can buy if they wish.

A community hub with a shop? We think people will be shopping at the out of town shops or using the internet.


One comment on “Heamoor housing development – why?

  1. Theo says:

    If a good percentage (At least 40%) is Social Rent Housing then this is needed as the local house prices are higher then the area needs wage wise. If it’s housing for the Tories then they need to be publicly hung!

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