Penzance and Newlyn – local plan!

Penzance and Newlyn – local plann allocations

PZ-M1: Harbour Car Park: Provision of office space as part of a mixed use redevelopment of the car park; in doing so ensuring an appropriate
parking provision and public transport hub is retained. This site should work in combination with other waterfront development opportunities to create an improved waterfront route, as well as act as a node to and from the town centre.

Redevelopment of the biggest car park in the town? How will this work out? Extra developments will lead to more traffic putting further pressure on car parking!

3.34 A key aspiration is to create a town centre that is more vibrant; offering a high quality location for residents and visitors. Whilst the retail offer should always represent the key focus for the town centre, there is an aspiration to introduce a range of other uses that creates a location that helps to make it a high quality place to live, work, socialise, and obviously shop. The delivering of high quality workspace represents one component of this mix, which if delivered in the appropriate locations, 20 will help to bring more people into the town centre, which will in turn support the enhancement of the retail offer.

Very tricky. A good idea in itself but with so many retail offers now out of town – Tescos, Sainsburys and Morrisons, it is unlikley the town centre can compete. Penzance will be stuck with a legacy of two retail areas with the resultant traffic generation.

3.39 Delivery of housing represents an important component of the overall strategy for Penzance and Newlyn. Housing development will provide much needed affordable housing, help satisfy demand for market housing and support the towns’ economic aspirations.

Help satisy the demand for market housing really means help satisfy the demand for people from outside Cornwall to make a lifestyle choice and move to Cornwall. Building houses is effectivly economically neutral, more of them will not boost the economy.

Despite the collective capacity resulting in only minor excess demand, the location of the proposed growth is likely to put greater pressure on schools to the north of the town. As a result, Heamoor School and Gulval School have both been identified as locations for expansion, which can be accommodated within their existing sites.

A cost of population growth is the need to provide more facilities for that population!


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