A need for rentals yet so few being built!

From ‘It’s Our Cornwall’

Cornwall Council is applying to itself to build 38 houses (with a meagre 3 self-build plots) on a greenfield site at Tolvaddon. The Council, whose planning agents are oddly based in Plympton, say this particular pilot scheme will be ‘contemporary Cornish living’. Is that why only 25% of the houses will be for ‘affordable’ sale/rent? And why the first aim is to ‘increase the supply of housing’ rather than change the type of housing supplied? And how will they guarantee the open market housing all goes to locals? [PA16/08453]


Odd that the figure is so low as the AFT consider there is a need for rental properties!

Further, there is a greater need for rental properties in Cornwall; [Affordable Housing Team, Cornwall Council].

Lots of rentals for this site too!

Local developers Poltair of Truro are applying to build phase 2 of their development at Trecerus Farm, above Padstow. [PA16/08874] A quarter of the 71 houses will be ‘affordable’ rented and another quarter shared ownership or intermediate. They claim this is socially, economically and environmentally sustainable. Yet the marketing of phase 1 emphasised the ‘hugely desirable location with golden sandy beaches, a beautiful esturary [sic], fascinating wildlife, high cliffs … thundering surf and of course endless wonderful views’, which should appeal perfectly to … ?? For more in a similar vein see http://www.poltairhomes.com/trecerus-farm/local-area/


DCH (formerly Devon and Cornwall Housing) of Exeter want to build another 22 houses in this field at Millbrook. Yet only 30% are intended to be ‘affordable’, even under the Tory Government’s very relaxed definition of that term, Whatever happened to housing associations? (Handy for the marina though.) [PA16/02676/PREAPP]



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