More and more aspirations!

More aspirations!

8.12 The growth and regeneration of Newquay needs to be delivered sensitively, ensuring the special environment surrounding the town is protected and enhanced where possible. Furthermore, new development is also expected to make a positive contribution to the wider regeneration aspirations, through the delivery of higher design standards; new services and facilities that the new and existing residents can utilise; as well as creating the necessary connection to fully integrate it within the existing community.

Housing Growth
8.27 Housing growth represents a key strand of the overall strategy for Newquay, as it will support the economic growth aspirations for the town and the Enterprise Zone; furthermore it will support the delivery of affordable housing.

St Austell
10.15 Whilst seeking to regenerate these sites, another key component is the promotion of its eco / sustainability credentials, which will support the area’s aspirations to be the ‘Green Heart of Cornwall’. The Eco-community sites, particularly West Carclaze, will support this aspiration in a number of ways,

Hmm It bizarre to state that the special environment around Newquay is to be protected and enhanced when large areas are being developed!

How can new development make a “positive contribution to the wider regeneration aspirations”?

Looks like the new housing is for the new workers at the Enterprise zone. Surely the aim should be to provide better jobs for the existing population not encourage more people to move to Cornwall?

It is impossible for St. Austell to be “the Green Heart of Cornwall” with so much house building.

Lets get a grip on reality the ‘Local Plan’ is just about housing and population growth nothing else. It is not about sustainability, improving economic prospects for local residents or providing housing for those in need.


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