The ‘Local Plan’ is full of aspirations. [Aspiration – a hope or ambition of achieving something]

3.16 Housing also represents a key strand to the overall strategy; supporting the economic aspirations and providing much needed affordable housing.

3.39 Delivery of housing represents an important component of the overall strategy for Penzance and Newlyn. Housing development will provide much needed affordable housing, help satisfy demand for market housing and support the towns’ economic aspirations.

3.44 With a significant proportion of the growth being located on sites to the north of the A30, it increases the importance of making these neighbourhoods sustainable; but also seeking to improve permeability of the A30, so the communities can make use of the services and facilities within the town centre. Aspirations relating to the A30 can be seen in the Transportation section.

4.13 Improving the primary education facilities, open space provision, sustainable transport opportunities and the highway network all represent key priorities to support the town’s aspirations. Amongst the highway measures being investigated is a new A30 junction to the south of the town, which will service the Trevassack site, plus act as an alternative to the St Erth junction in the long term, due to sea level rise.

4.15 Hayle’s economic aspirations are to broaden and strengthen its economic base to create higher skilled and better paid job opportunities for its local residents, in doing so acting as a hub for Cornwall relating to the marine renewables sector.

5.31 Priority for the delivery of this housing target is focused on the urban area, in doing so minimising use of greenfield land, plus supporting the regeneration aspirations through the reuse of underutilised and derelict sites.

Leaving aside the question as to whether towns can have aspirations – there are some fundamental problems here.

In essence the term ‘aspiration’ is used to justify unsustainable housing growth.

Why does ‘regeneration’ consist of building more houses?

Why in Penzance does building more houses support the economic ‘aspirations’?


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