Bodmin the cycling capital of Cornwall?

Another extract from the ‘Local Plan’.

11.15 Transport infrastructure will form a key component of the enabling infrastructure, with the improvement of existing highways, as well as prioritizing sustainable transport measures. Improved cycling facilities within and surrounding the town, linked to the Camel Trail, will support growth and improve the tourism offer, in doing so helping to make Bodmin the cycling capital of Cornwall.

11.50 Furthermore, Bodmin has identified an opportunity to promote itself as a cycle town, building on the back of the high quality cycle offerings on the periphery of the town, namely Lanhydrock, the Camel Trail and Cardinham cycle hub. The delivery of a comprehensive town wide cycle network will support the economic regeneration of the town centre as it is estimated that a further 74,000 cyclists a year would pass through the town; but equally important the cycle network will underpin the transport strategy which sets out to see the use of sustainable transport increase by 25% for walking and cycling and 65% for public transport

Oh dear another unreal idea. The big problem for Bodmin, in common with all other Cornish towns is the high level of housing growth planned which inevitably means more traffic. It is unlikely that many more people living or working in the town will cycle and more tourists to the town will include more tourists by car – go figure!


One comment on “Bodmin the cycling capital of Cornwall?

  1. trerice5 says:

    ….And as said time time again more vehicles more danger for cyclists. I cycle but on roads as little as possible. Certainly I’m less and less likely to cycle with more traffic and their killer fumes!!!

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