Newquay – a Cycling Demonstration Town – really?

8.43 Newquay’s regeneration could be constrained by highway infrastructure and congestion issues unless a comprehensive package a transport measures is delivered.

To enable the commercial and housing growth it will require improvements to the local transport network, consisting of junction improvements, implementation of improvements to the walking and cycling network as part of the Cycling Demonstration Town, construction of the Newquay Strategic Route and public transport improvements.

The first point to make of course is that Newquay does not need the commercial and housing growth envisaged in the plan. That is due to the unsustainable and unwanted housing targets that are proposed.

8.48 Newquay’s ambition to be a Cycling Demonstration Town will see opportunities for improved cycle and pedestrian links and crossing points which will help connect new and existing housing developments to the town, schools and employment sites.

And with new roads and ‘improved’ junctions why would anyone cycle? It’s so unrealistic.

As the population grows then car traffic will increase – that’s what happens when you have more housing in an area.

And what is a Cycling Demonstration Town?


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