Cycling – the answer to our traffic problems!

Yes the local plan has lots of things to say about cycling.

2.17 The aim is to increase the use of sustainable modes of travel across all towns (for instance, walking, cycling and public transport) and to encourage higher use of sustainable modes of transport by occupants of new development (where the opportunities to encourage take up of sustainable travel from the outset of occupation are considered to be greater than encouraging a change in travel behaviour amongst existing residents).

Its rather difficult to see how sustainable transport modes will be encouraged. For one thing a lot of trips are made by people who do not live in the local area and are unlikely to cycle or walk!

With new road space planned which car users will quickly take advantage of why would anyone cycle (or walk, or use public transport!).

As investment is focused on roads – dualling the A30 for example – there is a lack of investment in buses.

Why would new residents adopt different travel modes? They will want to make trips for shopping, leisure, travel and work just like everyone else. Many who have moved from elsewhere will regard travelling for 30-45 minutes by car as normal, why would they change the habits of a lifetime?

5.50 The improvement of CPIR’s cycle network will contribute to the sustainable regeneration of the area by reducing the dependency on private cars as the primary mode of transport between the towns. The network will consist of convenient and direct walking and cycling routes which link the main residential areas with areas of employment and other destination points, such as schools and Cornwall College. This network will support local residents to access employment without the need for a car.

Right you build a new link road which links the two towns making them accessable by car. Its a convenient link. Its a link ideal for car use thats what it is for. Why then would anyone decide to cycle (or walk) instead?


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