More shops at Hayle – why?

In another shocking indictment of the planning system, Cornwall Council last week gave permission to Cranford Developments of Staffordshire to build shops at Marsh Lane, Hayle. Described by the planners as a ‘largely undeveloped albeit previously disturbed in places area of scrub vegetation’, this is also a designated wildlife site. No matter. Ten more shops and car parks ‘outweigh the adverse impacts’. In fact, there is a ‘potential to deliver a significant biodiversity gain’. While more shops are supposed to stop Hayle folk shopping on the internet! Spurious nonsense.

Two comments – how can a designated wildlife site not be affected by the development of shops and car parks?

As for reducing shopping on the internet by building more shops – that is complete nonsense! In fact planners should be encouraging more people to shop online rather than travel – think sustainability!

More shops on the outskirts of Hayle will encourage more traffic along the A30 – more congestion!


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