Population growth is a problem for the UK as well as for Cornwall!

Despite strong population growth and rapid price increases, the UK is building little more than half as many houses as in the 1970s.

Brexit will make Britain’s mediocre economic record worse, Bulletin article, Simon Tilford, 19 September 2016.


There is an obsession with population growth across all political parties (including the Greens) and the commentariat. We are not too sure why. It seems a bizarre obsession when in theory we now know about finite resources and the finite capacity to accommodate increasing carbon output without endangering our future existence.

Those obsessed with population growth are apparently unaware of climate change. They are also oblivious to the fact that if you allow (in fact encourage) population growth it has an effect on housing. More people result in more demand for housing.

The answer is always to find ways of building more houses, the old and incorrect view that ‘planning needs to be freed up’. There is a failure to recognise the impact of population growth and to address it. Population growth rather like economic growth is regarded as something sacred, something that not only just happens but is always good for us!

Its time to get real, to live in the real world instead of planet fantasy!


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