Building more houses – why?

On Wednesday 21th September the Housing and Environment Policy Advisory Committee will discuss the housing develution deal for Cornwall.

Comments in the Committee report include:

Other devolution deals for housing have seen increased capacity and capability to meet housing need.

Projected housing delivery levels are ambitious. If they are to be achieved, all delivery partners will need to be working together to bring
forward sites at the right pace.

Housing growth not only creates economic opportunities through the construction industry, but housing also supports economic growth by
providing new homes to meet need in areas of growth.

14,300 new homes by 2021/2022 representing additional delivery ‘over and above’ Local Plan targets and a significant contribution to national housing targets.
 £621m uplift in Gross Value Added by 2021/20221
 13,050 additional jobs by 2021/2022
 At least £120m of private investment

Local plan targets are not based on meeting housing need in Cornwall. We just do not need that many houses to be built. Most housing need is a consequence of people moving to Cornwall. Bumping up the house build rate will simply mean more people moving to Cornwall. More house building is meeting need generated elsewhere – not in Cornwall.

Every house will include at least one jobseeker that means an extra 14,300 jobs will have to be created!


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