More traffic, more congestion, more road space, more development, more traffic, more congestion ……

There have been news of traffic hold ups around Carkeel Saltash.

We are currently carrying out the long planned second phase of improvements on the A38 at Carkeel roundabout.

The work, which will take around 18 months to complete, will see the existing roundabout replaced with a larger signalised roundabout with the approaches and exits made bigger to increase capacity at the busy junction. The above image shows the design of the finished version.

The scheme when completed will provide better access and improved journey times for commuters and visitors. It will support the economic regeneration of Saltash and the wider area through the management of congestion, which will in turn facilitate the delivery of the Local Plan allocations for future housing.
Why are we carrying out these works?

Carkeel junction is currently over capacity and severe congestion is experienced at peak rush hour periods during the working week. The congestion is even more pronounced during the summer months with the addition of heavy volumes of tourist traffic.

This traffic congestion is also expected to be further exacerbated by increased traffic volumes associated with future growth in Saltash and Plymouth to 2030

So we have traffic congestion and what happens? Road ‘improvements’ are carried out to reduce congestion? Not really – the road ‘improvements’ are designed to facilitate the extra (unnecessary) housing growth around Saltash.

What a ridiculous approach to transport problems!


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