What influences where people live

There are various factors which influence where people decide to live and which need to be addressed.

The type of houses built is a crucial factor. Are new houses designed to attract people to the area as distinct from providing local need?

How and where are the houses advertised? Adverts which refer to the distance to Newquay airport or the proximity of the local beaches are hardly aimed at local residents!

Do job adverts promote the idea of Cornwall as a lifestyle choice?

How does tourism perpetuate the myth that Cornwall is a rural idyll, the ideal location if you want to get away from it all either by purchasing a second home or moving permanently?

What is the impact of holiday lets on house prices and ‘demand’ for housing?

Does the planning system allow and encourage the conversion of properties to second homes and holiday lets?

What impact does immigration into the UK particularly into London and the South East, have on population movement into other areas of the UK?

What is the effect of high London house prices on encouraging people to sell up and use the capital to purchase property in regions like Cornwall?


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