Tregunnel Hill development – using need to get permission!

One of the arguments put forward to support the Tregunnel Hill development was to meet local need. There was reference to 1,000 households looking for an affordable home in Newquay.

DUCHY bosses are urging Newquay residents to support plans for 174 homes at Tregunnel Hill – for the sake of families struggling to get on the housing ladder.

It might be assumed there was a shortage of housing in the area.

Which is odd. In 2001 there were 467 properties which were not used for housing people (holiday homes/lets/vacant), 5% of the total. In 2011 there were 1,529 properties not used for housing people or 15% of the total.

Thats an extra 1,062 dwellings not actually used for housing people. Enough to satisfy housing needs for quite a while! So no real housing shortage!

And is there a need for 1,000 new homes? No! See the next blog!


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