A tourism transport strategy?

Tourism traffic in Cornwall is a significant component of traffic congestion in the summer so what should we do to alleviate it?

Some basic objectives – which also apply to other road users:

To reduce car use partly by reducing travel and partly by switching to other travel modes

To ensure car users bear the cost of car use rather than the general population

Some general policies would apply to all car users: –

A realistic petrol price

A standard framework of car park charges

Limitations on car park space numbers

Comprehensive travel plans for events – festivals, displays etc

Investment in alternative forms of transport – coach and rail

Specific tourist traffic policies could include:-

Creation of bus routes to enable tourists (and residents) to travel around

Establishment of a Cornish coach company to provide coaches for tourist and other travel

Expansion of rail services

Formation of a taxi co-ordination centre to provide one-off transport provision to areas not served by bus routes

Specific charges for car users to discourage car use

The overall aim would be to make it far easier for tourists to use alternative travel modes – whether to locations with bus routes or not. The effects would be a significant reduction in car use, with an increase in job creation. Residents would also gain due to the additional services.


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