What’s the summer population of Cornwall?

From ‘It’s Our Cornwall’

As you’re stuck in a traffic jam this summer ponder a puzzle. What exactly is the population of Cornwall in August? It’s surprisingly difficult to find a simple answer to this question.

The latest guess (by the ONS) is that Cornwall’s resident population in 2014 was 545,000. This obviously rises in summer. But by how many? While some are content to say it ‘rises massively‘ and leave it at that, others are quick to quantify. Kerry Smith, the editor of British Airways High Life tweeted in 2014 that the population of Cornwall increases from 250,000 in winter to 7 million in summer. As she was wrong on the winter population by a factor of two, the figure for the summer population is also likely to be hopelessly inaccurate.

What are we left with? A summer population of between 770,000 and 850,000 is my best guess. And what are the implications? First, we don’t need to imagine huge 5–7 million jumps in population to explain the congestion and chaos we see everyday around us. The actual population growth caused by tourism is far more modest. Second, the real unsustainable problem is not so much tourist numbers, which are stagnating, but steady in-migration and population growth. If the current rate of permanent population growth in Cornwall continues on its present path the resident population alone will reach the current August population in 60 years time. By the 2070s January will be like August now. And August will be like … ????

For the full blog: – https://cornwalldevelopersparadise.wordpress.com/


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