Should we ban Bank holidays?

Surprisingly there were lots of cars around this Bank Holiday weekend! Lots of congestion, noise, pollution and general misery!

The M5 southbound, A303 westbound and M4 from London to the South West have all been named as hotspots to avoid with delays of up to an hour and a half forecast.

Roadworks on the A30 at Bodmin have also led to long delays for motorists this summer and as thousands of people travel in and out of Cornwall this weekend and there are already long queues.

The RAC estimates that 20.7 million cars will be using major roads for leisure trips between Thursday and Monday.
Based on a survey of 1,579 motorists, it expects Saturday is set to be the busiest day with five million leisure journeys planned – double the figure for the same day last year.

Sunday is also set to be busy on the roads with 4.4 million getaway trips.

According to a study of 1,579 motorists for the RAC by Ragdoll Research, 20.7m vehicles could be using UK roads between Thursday and Monday, compared with 10.1m in 2015.

The RAC says other busy times on the roads over the bank holiday weekend are expected to be between 11:00 and 16:00 on Sunday and 16:00 and 18:00 on Monday.


Source: BBC News

Now this happens every year – there is a simple explanation – too many cars on the roads at the same time.

Quelle surprise!

So should we ban bank holidays?

Probably not but we do need to take some radical measures to deal with the problem.

Ideally we need to spread out the demand over a longer period and transfer people to other modes of transport!


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