Walking and cycling

Ok, we dont have anything against walking and cycling. Both are good ways of getting about and can be part of a healthy lifestyle.


As a means of reducing car use they are not going to play a significant role. This is because some trips are too long, walking or cycling would not be a viable option for many commuters. Sometimes a trip does not lend itself to these modes of transport – a large weekly shop for example.

Walking and cycling is often proposed for short trips which sounds fine yet there are issues of equity. Generally less affluent workers live closer to their work and might be expected to switch yet more affluent commuters who live at a greater distance from their work would not be asked to reduce their car use. Those having a greater impact on the environment would still carry on as before.

Other policies make it harder to walk or cycle – for example Heartlands could be seen as a local community resource but it is used for staging events which draw in people from other parts of Camborne and Redruth and further afield – they are not going to be walking!

Development policies lead to traffic generating projects – out of town retail such as M&S at Fraddon – people will not be walking and cycling along the A30 to shop will they?

So yes if people want to walk to shop to pick up a newspaper fine, if people want to cycle for leisure purposes fine but neither are going to make a difference to car use.

We need bolder, more radical policies and we need them now!


One comment on “Walking and cycling

  1. trerice5 says:

    When these attractions put on events the hoards of cars travelling to them puts me off cycling and walking and I love doing both trying to keep healthy and fit. As for shopping are all but the odd few going to try carrying 2/3 bags of shopping walking or using their bike. This whole idea has been used by developers to get the public/planners on board with their projects and I doubt if you ever see these dudes out of their big cars on a bike out of town shopping or weaving in an out of traffic, sucking in the vehicle fumes biking to leisure attractions.It’s a total farce.

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