More traffic – what a surprise!

Sometimes it appears that people are surprised by traffic congestion. People get angry – why am I stuck in traffic? Where does all that extra traffic come from they seem to ask, as if it were the result of some unseen, mysterious being or force.

We are surprised that people are surprised. It does not take much to work out the causes – more house building – then you get more traffic; all those new developments – ah yes more traffic.

Yet instead of recognising the causes and doing something about it what do we get? More traffic generating development.

For example – ‘Cornucopia’, the new multi-million-pound food and drink visitor attraction currently under construction in St Austell, is expected to create in excess of 100 all-year round jobs when it opens next year. “We’re in an up-and-coming location with excellent road and rail links that already serve other major attractions such as the nearby Eden Project, so we’re easily accessible.” Ah yes good road links! Ideal for people travelling by car which is the way most people will travel to ‘Cornucopia’ as they do to the ‘Eden Project’.

So we widen the roads to St. Austell, dual the A30 and then encourage people to use them which is why traffic levels and congestion just keep on growing! Oh and did you hear about the global temperature figures – they just keep on going up – wonder what causes that?


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