Housing targets – not our decision!

From ‘It’s Our Cornwall’

Does Tory MP Sarah Newton live on the same planet as the rest of us? She says that ‘local councils and local residents should be at the heart of the planning system’ and claims that Local Plans assure this. Hasn’t she heard of the National Planning Policy Framework which biases these ‘plans’ even further towards big developers? Has nobody told her how government inspectors force local authorities to increase the housing numbers in their ‘Local’ Plan, which in Cornwall’s case involves a 17% leap in the build rate over the last 20 year period.

And by the way, today is the final day for comments on the changes to the Local Plan.

We have not made any comments. We have put forward cogent arguments against the unsustainable housing targets in the Local Plan on previous occasions. No notice has been taken. Local Plan policy making is not about using evidence to arrive at targets but is driven instead by an obsession with population and housing growth in the bizarre belief it is good for us. Government policy is predicated on this basis and very few object.


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