Its a joke (not)!

And another outline application on a greenfield site, this time from Halsall Homes of Bath. It’s for 43 houses (30 open market and 13 social rented) at St Stephen in Brannel. The developers insist the local economy will be ‘encouraged’ and residents will rely less on their cars to drive to the shops. As the population of St Stephen grew by a massive 32% from 1991 to 2011 you’d think the local economy would be booming if more houses and more people was the simple solution. [PA16/04818] It’s Our Cornwall, 13 July

Quite how residents will rely less on their cars is hard to see. But developers will use any excuse to promote a development!

In reality more houses mean more cars!

Looking at housing proposals over the last few weeks we have:
Helston 340 houses [442 cars]
Wadebridge 350 houses [455 cars]
Bude 260 houses [338 cars]
Par 189 houses [246 cars]
Lanson 275 houses [356 cars]

Thats 1,414 houses with 1,840 extra cars! Totally unsustainable, totally unnecessary.


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