More or less traffic around Redruth?

Last week saw a public exhibition for various changes to the road system outside Redruth. The proposals are related to the Tolgus urban extension and moving traffic onto the East West Link road.

Now one reason for the link road was to open up land for development and to allow easier access from the A30 to land at Barncoose. The existing route is from the A30 at Avers to Barncoose, currently largely a dual carriageway. It has a certain logic – a quick route from the A30 to the industrial estates. People can quickly get to work wherever they live

But it is planned to reduce the dual carriageway to a single carriageway and lower the speed limit.

Now with all the extra houses and other development we can expect more traffic not less on the Avers/Barncoose road. There are already tailbacks on the road at busy times. We can expect the situation to get worse, a lot worse. Seems odd, you put in a link road, extolling the virtues of better access and then limit access!

And the reason for downsizing the road? More houses at Tolgus! More houses = more traffic!

[Do we need all these houses? No but the unsustainable housing target says we do, so there!


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